About Us

Howe Sound Pharmacy offers a wide range of complementary and traditional health care products and services. We have the knowledge and experience to help customers select the best care for themselves.

Howe Sound Pharmacy believes that the best patient care involves a team approach. Working together with our fellow health care professionals and our patients is an important aspect of our quality service.

Howe Sound Pharmacy recognizes that many people want more than traditional medicine so we keep up-to-date on today's varied therapies including acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine, physiotherapy and counselling.

Howe Sound Pharmacy emphasizes a preventative approach to health care. Good health takes effort and involves both mind and body. We are here to inform and encourage you every step of the way.

Chris Juozaitis

Chris Juozaitis is owner, manager of, and a pharmacist in, Howe Sound Pharmacy since 1988. Chris managed several pharmacies in various small towns throughout the East Kootneys before moving to the Sunshine Coast and joining Howe Sound Pharmacy. He learned the importance of developing caring relationships with his customers by taking the time to know each person individually; this provides an excellent basis to help them both personally and professionally. Chris feels that it is essential to create an atmosphere that is compassionate while providing vital services, information and education to people makes his chosen profession so rewarding. Chris works with organizations within our community to educate people on treatment and prevention; including partnering with other health care specialists on the local TV station to discuss different approaches to good health.