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Automated Strip-Pouch Packaging

Strip-pouch packaging—new on the Coast and only at Howe Sound Pharmacy. Automated strip-pouches are the latest in “compliance” packaging, and are suitable for all patients. Strippouch packaging is popular amongst community patients as well as those who live in care facilities or are assisted by a caregiver. Ask our pharmacists today how much easier it is to manage your medicines with strip-pouch packaging.

  • > Travellers—strip-pouches are fully-labelled for border crossings, and allow you to pack just what you need. You don't have to carry heavy vitamin or bulky pill bottles.
  • > Young patients—need to take medicines while at school? There's nothing more reassuring than individually packaged doses, complete with patient and medicine names and doseage instructions.
  • > Seniors—each dose is packaged for you. No more pill counting. No more wondering which meds to take next. And if you like to travel, there's nothing more convenient than just taking only those meds that you need while on holiday.
  • > Adults—at work, around town, any time during your busy day, strip-pouch meds are handy and discreet. Just tuck your daily doses in to your briefcase or purse before you leave home, and you're set for the day.

Start your strip-pouch packaging today. Call Howe Sound Pharmacy and ask our pharmacists for more details.

Health/Lifestyle Consultations

Our pharmacists are available to answer questions and discuss your health concerns at no charge to you! While the dispensing and teaching about the use of drugs has been traditionally the major function of a pharmacy, the pharmacists at Howe Sound Pharmacy all understand the importance of lifestyle management. On our team we have a personal trainer, specializing in exercising, yoga, and spinning. In conjunction with the pharmacists, information on lifestyle modification, diet, exercise and stress reduction are all integrated into a complete holistic approach to improving ones own health. Our goal is to keep each person in as good health as possible for a happy independent life. Referrals to other health care professionals are available as well. We are also available for private consultations – in the pharmacy or in your home. Please call to make an appointment - we're here to help you!

Compliance Blister Packaging

Many people have troubles just remembering to take their Vitamin C everyday! Suppose you had 10 prescriptions to take and your life depended on you taking them properly. Imagine if you had to take one pill each morning and lunchtime, another just at bedtime, another every other day, yet another 4 times daily AND each pill looked exactly the same to you!! This can be confusing even for the most organized person! Our staff has helped patients keep track of the medications they take. Howe Sound Pharmacy's compliance pill packaging program is integral to helping people continue to live independently, and helps reduce the number of health problems related to mistakes made when taking medications. Free Delivery is available!


Compounding is the formulating of creams and ointments prescribed by a doctor or specialist to care for your specific needs. All of Howe Sound Pharmacy's pharmacists are skilled practitioners of compounding. We specialize in natural hormone replacement therapy creams for women as well as suppositories, lip balms, capsules and even customized medications for your family pets!

Long Term Care

Care facilities in the area have trusted Howe Sound Pharmacy to take care of their patients' prescription needs for over 20 years. Currently, we work closely with numerous facilities on the Sunshine Coast, including small group homes. We are pioneers in the field of integrating traditional and alternative health methods to become one of the first pharmacies in Western Canada using this approach. We have well-trained and skilled pharmacists and technicians who prepare the packaged medication for each facility. Our staff works closely with nursing and medical staff to ensure quality pharmaceutical care for each resident. As part of our regular service our pharmacists take part in routine medication reviews for each resident to ensure the medications are working correctly and not causing any problems. For facilities requiring strip packaging we have the Pac Med system available.

Drug Disposal

Environmental safe disposal of medications through the EnViRx program.

Drug Interaction

Howe Sound pharmacists will review your medications and share our knowledge to give you a complete understanding of the medications you are taking by reviewing all your medications. When you get a new prescription filled at Howe Sound Pharmacy, our pharmacists will speak with you directly, answer your questions and make sure you are confident in the product you are taking.

Complementary Medicine

Our pharmacists are specially trained to combine traditional medicine with herbal and homeopathic medicine. We strive to provide an “Integrative Medicine” approach to health care combining the best of Complementary medicine in a safe and effective manner so the best form of treatment and prevention is available to an individual.topical, vaginal, sublingual, buccal. Genitourinary creams, ointments, suppositories. Ear and Eye drops and ointments. Veterinary products for a favorite pet. These are just a few of the many products that compounding pharmacist can formulate.

Sound advice for your health, vitality and wellness!