COVID-19 Vaccination Important Information

Howe Sound Pharmacy Vaccine Update Updated: April 19th, 2020 IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE! Due to the overwhelming amount of phone calls regarding the AstraZeneca Vaccine, we kindly ask you to refer to following F.A.Q., or consult the BC Centre for Disease Control COVID-19 Vaccination information for general COVID-19 or vaccine questions, rather than calling the pharmacy. COVID-19 VACCINE …

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Safe fun in the sun on the Sunshine Coast!

Sun Awareness starts off our month, so as the ozone continues to affect our reaction to overexposure, consider the proper use of a good sunscreen. Apply it liberally and often. Many mainstream brands play to our love of coconut or banana scents, but let’s protect our beaches by using only buy reef-safe options. Derma-E, Badger, …

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Canada-wide Medication Compounding Changes!


Howe Sound Pharmacy has serviced the Sunshine Coast by providing high-quality specialty compounding services for over 30 years. Specialty compounding is undergoing major Regulatory changes. This will affect many community pharmacies ability to continue to deliver these services across Canada. Howe Sound Pharmacy is committed to continue providing the specialty products that our Coast residents …

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Back to School Head Lice Helpful Info!

Back to School Head Lice

Head Lice Helpful Information Head Lice can be a real problem. Back to school will be uncharted territory this year for so many different reasons. However, one of the few things we can guarantee is that we will usually get a small outbreak of head lice as children returning to school. Since protocol for return …

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