Howe Sound Pharmacy Services

Howe Sound Pharmacy takes great pride in providing an extraordinary level of service for you and your family. Below are some of the services we provide. If you have any questions, give us call or email any time.

Affiliated Health Care Services:

  • 2 Feet Foot Care:
    Candace Almquist, LPN

Our In-House Services:

Automated Strip-Pouch Packaging

Complementary strip-pouch packaging – only at Howe Sound Pharmacy on the Sunshine Coast. Automated strip-pouches are the latest in “compliance” packaging and are suitable for all patients. Strip-pouch packaging is popular amongst community patients, as well as those who live in care facilities or are assisted by a caregiver. Ask our pharmacists today how much easier it is to manage your medicines with strip-pouch packaging.

  • Travelers—strip-pouches are fully-labelled for border crossings, and allow you to pack just what you need. You don’t have to carry heavy vitamin or bulky pill bottles.
  • Young patients — need to take medicines while at school? There’s nothing more reassuring than individually packaged doses, complete with patient and medicine names and dosage instructions.
  • Seniors—each dose is packaged for you. No more pill counting. No more wondering which meds to take next. And if you like to travel, there’s nothing more convenient than just taking only those meds that you need while on holiday.
  • Adults—at work, around town, any time during your busy day, strip-pouch meds are handy and discreet. Just tuck your daily doses in to your briefcase or purse before you leave home, and you’re set for the day.

Blister Packaging

Our Blister Packaging is complementary. Many people have troubles just remembering to take their Vitamin C everyday! Suppose you had 10 prescriptions to take and your life depended on you taking them properly.
Imagine if you had to take one pill each morning and lunchtime, another just at bedtime, another every other day, yet another four times daily AND each pill looked exactly the same to you!!

This can be confusing even for the most organized person! Our staff can help patients keep track of the medications they take. Howe Sound Pharmacy’s complementary compliance pill packaging program is integral to helping people continue to live independently and helps reduce the number of health problems related to mistakes made when taking medications.

Free Delivery is available!

Complementary Medicine

Our pharmacists are specially trained to combine traditional medicine with herbal and homeopathic medicine. We strive to provide an “Integrative Medicine” approach to health care combining the best of complementary medicine in a safe and effective manner so the best form of treatment and prevention is available to an individual.

Compounding Medicine, Creams and Ointments


Compounding is the formulation of creams and ointments prescribed by a doctor or specialist to care for your specific needs. 

Howe Sound Pharmacy’s pharmacists are skilled practitioners of compounding. We specialize in natural hormone replacement therapy creams for women as well as suppositories, lip balms, capsules and even customized medications for your family pets!

Due to changes to Provincial compounding regulations, many of the compounds we used to make in-house now have to ordered from compounding laboratories. Thankfully deliveries of completed compounds can be less than a week. Call ahead to learn more about your specific compounding needs.

Compression Fittings

Howe Sound Pharmacy has a large selection of over-the-counter Compression stockings and socks. Exclusive to the Sunshine Coast is our line of Sigvaris compression stockings and sleeves. Howe Sound Pharmacy provides the only Certified Fitting Service on the Sunshine Coast. Compression is useful for managing multiple chronic issues, and people get the best results if they are properly fitted. The concept of compression therapy lies on a simple and efficient mechanical principle: the application of an elastic garment.

Compression stockings and socks can help improve circulation, increase your energy and
aid in the prevention of swelling and keeping your legs healthy.

By utilizing graduated compression, the garment efficiently relieves aching and other symptoms by aiding the body in moving blood. This treatment is prescribed by a clinician to treat conditions such as lymphedema, phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis (DVP), post-surgery care, sclerotherapy, and any other forms of varicose vein treatment.

Sigvaris medical products are best suited to relieve conditions of chronic venous disease like heavy legs, varicose veins, edema, leg ulcers, stasis, skin changes and for those who have or will be having a vein procedure. It can also be prescribed to prevent venous issues during pregnancy and long distance travel. If no contraindications are present, you may even buy compression stockings of lower pressure without prescription.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Reduction of edema
  • increased drainage
  • reduced inflammation
  • sustained reparative processes
  • improvement to movement of tendons and joints.

For best results and most beneficial fit come in to be measured by one of our Certified Fitters.

Drug Disposal

We offer environmental safe disposal of medications through the British Columbia Medications Return Program (BCMRP) at no charge. We accept all prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and natural health products. We can also safely dispose of sharps, needles or syringes as long as they are in a sealed sharps container. Most drug packaging can be recycled in your regular home recycling program. Be sure to peel off or obscure any personal information before disposal via recycling.

Our new policy to return medication for destruction is:

– place all tablets and capsules in one clear, sealed zippered bag
– do not return prescription bottles –– those can be placed in your regular home hard plastics recycling with the label removed or name blacked out with marker
– any patches must be in a sealed, clear plastic zippered bag (with other patches only)
– any creams or liquids must be in a sealed, clear plastic zippered bag (with other creams or liquids only)
– for inhaler please return the cartridges only, in a sealed, clear plastic bag (with other inhaler cartridges only). The cases can be placed in your regular home hard plastics recycling with the label removed or name blacked out with marker

When you arrive at the pharmacy:

– please let us know you have medications to return
– we will provide a bin for you to place your sealed items in.

Drug Interaction

Howe Sound Pharmacists will review your medications and share our knowledge to give you a complete understanding of the medications you are taking by reviewing all your medications. When you get a new prescription filled at Howe Sound Pharmacy, our pharmacists will speak with you directly, answer your questions and make sure you are confident in the product you are taking.

Free Delivery

Howe Sound Pharmacy goes that extra kilometre to make sure your needs are met!

Deliveries go out every day, Monday to Friday, and can easily be handled on the same day. Keep in mind that any deliveries called in after 12:00PM will be moved to the next business day. Some accommodations can be made for emergencies however this will have to be determined on a case by case basis.

Gibsons Area

Delivery time: 1:00 PM—3:00 PM
Cutoff time: 12:00 PM
Range: From Highland and Pine to the West, up to Williamson’s Landing to the North

Sechelt Area

Delivery time: 3:00 PM—4:30 PM
Cutoff time: 12:00 PM
Range: From the start of Lower Road in the East, up to Wakefield road in West Sechelt.

Please note: Due to an increase in popularity of our delivery service, we kindly ask everyone to limit deliveries to once per week so that we can continue to service everyone.

Health & Lifestyle Consultations

Our Pharmacists are available to answer questions and discuss your health concerns at no charge to you! While dispensing and teaching about the use of drugs has been traditionally the major function of a pharmacy, the pharmacists at Howe Sound Pharmacy all understand the importance of lifestyle management. 

In conjunction with the pharmacists, information on lifestyle modification, diet, exercise and stress reduction are all integrated into a complete holistic approach to improving one’s own health. Our goal is to keep each person health as good as possible for a happy, independent life.

Referrals to other health care professionals can be provided as needed. We are available for private consultations – in the pharmacy or in your home. Most medication reviews are covered by BC Pharmacare – more extensive or specialized reviews may not be covered, check with your pharmacist. Please call to make an appointment – we’re here to help you!

Health Station Self-Serve

Whether you are managing a serious chronic condition or looking for ways to improve your overall health and well-being, we are here to help. Please use our on-site self-serve health station’s unique charting and tracking tools to take better care of yourself.

We can help create a login and show you how to use our Life Clinic station, so that you will be able to access the confidential health record you create through regular visits with this machine. You will be able to monitor your Blood Pressure, Pulse, Weight, and BMI.


Our Pharmacists are trained in administering injections for immunization. We work in collaboration with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to provide publicly funded vaccines like influenza and pneumonia. We also provide preventative health and basic travel immunizations throughout the year as needed. Call and book an appointment for your vaccinations and any of our other clinical services. Please note we can do vaccinations for children and adults five years and older. Appointments for vaccinations are available weekdays.

*Click for Travel Consultations.

Long Term Care

Care facilities of the Sunshine Coast have trusted Howe Sound Pharmacy to take care of their patients’ prescription needs locally for decades. Currently, we work closely with numerous facilities on the Sunshine Coast, including small group homes. We are pioneers in the field of integrating traditional and alternative health methods to become one of the first pharmacies in Western Canada using this approach. 

We have well-trained and skilled Pharmacists and Technicians who prepare the packaged medication for each facility. Our staff works closely with Nursing and Medical staff to ensure quality pharmaceutical care for each resident.

As part of our regular service our Pharmacists take part in routine medication reviews for each resident to ensure the medications are working correctly and not causing any problems. For facilities requiring strip packaging we have the automated strip-pouch packaging system available.

Medication Management & Medication Reviews

We care about you! Our goal is to assist you in managing your medications and your health by having scheduled, one-on-one appointments with you to do regular Medication Reviews. This allows us to discuss and create a comprehensive health care plan to assist you to meet your health care goals and improve your quality of life.

During our interview, the Pharmacist will review and prepare a detailed medical history, identify any drug therapy issues, recommend solutions, as well as document and communicate any findings. Medication management allows Pharmacists to assist Physicians with an extra layer of safety in the provision of effective drug therapy.


Learn about Medication Reviews

Medication Management is a provincially-funded government initiative to help British Columbians better understand their medications, make informed decisions and have greater ownership of your overall health.

Following a Medication review, all drug therapy recommendations are forwarded to the Physician for review and authorization. It does not replace a physical assessment by the Physician. Any information on medical conditions and drug therapies provided from the Pharmacist to the patient is intended to promote patient care.

Med Sync & Medication Synchronization

Simplify your medications, simplify your life! How would you like to receive all of your prescription refills at the same time? We provide quality care through our medication synchronization – Med Sync program.

Med Sync allows patients to pick up all of their ongoing prescription refills at the pharmacy at one single, convenient appointment and work closely with the pharmacist to meet their health goals. The appointment on pick-up day facilitates increased Pharmacist-Patient dialogue and allows time for additional patient care.

How it works: Our Pharmacists will help you to coordinate all your refill dates, so they are available for pick-up on the same day. Your medication regimen, simplified!

Smoking Cessation

The BC Smoking Cessation Program helps people stop smoking or using other tobacco products by assisting them with the cost of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products or smoking cessation prescription drugs. The program is open to eligible BC residents who wish to stop smoking or using other tobacco products.

NRT products, such as nicotine gum or patches, work to reduce withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking by substituting the nicotine you would get through smoking. With NRT products, you can gradually cut down the amount of nicotine and handle withdrawal symptoms more easily. To register for NRT products under the BC Smoking Cessation program, visit our Pharmacy.

Prescription smoking cessation drugs do not contain nicotine, but work on the brain to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings and reduce your urge to smoke. Ask us for more information about prescription smoking cessation drugs or to get a prescription.

Register for the BC Smoking Cessation Program

go to

Sunshine Coast Harm Reduction Program

We provide free, confidential, non-judgmental needles and other injection drug supplies, offered in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health. 

For more information, please ask one of our Pharmacists, or send a message to a VCH health care worker at: or call their pager at 1-888-603-0167.

A VCH health care worker can arrange to meet clients.

Travel Consultations

Are you travelling? Book an appointment with one of our Pharmacists to discuss ways to keep you healthy during your trip. They will conduct a pre-travel risk assessment, provide travel advice around prevention, immunization, and self-treatment. Cost of the initial consulation is $25. There may be an Immunization Fee of $15 depending on the vaccines required.

VCH End-Of-Life Palliative Incontinence Program

We provide supplies for this program, please contact Vancouver Coastal Health – Sechelt at 604-885-8519 to apply or find out more info at:


Main Line | 604-886-3365
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