Howe Sound Pharmacy Supplements

Should I be taking supplements?
This is a question we get asked every day.
And the answer is…..that depends!
It depends on YOU! And your unique needs.

With so many people interested in better health, it’s no surprise that companies have responded with so many products. The products on the market vary greatly in content, quality, price and effectiveness.

It’s no wonder there is confusion!

Make an appointment this August to meet with Lisa to get the answers to your questions. Book a one hour session to discuss the supplements you’re taking now and get advice on how to optimize your results.

Bring a friend and you both will get 50% off the supplements
you purchase based on your personal plan. Coupon code is “MEET LISA.”

We have all your favourite brands – AOR, NOW, Harmonic Arts, Organika, Sisu, MetaGenics, Prairie Naturals, Purica, Calm, Mega Foods, Botanica, Flora, Garden of Life, Genestra and so much more!

Our goal is to be the best place to get your supplements, with the biggest selection, best prices and trusted advice from our team of pharmacy health professionals.

Howe Sound Pharmacy has been delivering sound care in Gibsons for over 40 years and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to continue serving you and helping you find your best health through sound nutrition and supplements!

Call Howe Sound Pharmacy at (604) 886-3365 today for the best selection
of appointment times throughout the month of August!