The Flu Season is just around the corner!

We are close to the flu season and vaccines are on the way. Following the success of using online bookings for COVID shots, we’re proud to announce that all reservations for flu shots will be using the same platform.

For our long-term clients, this means the registration process will be run differently this year.

First, we are no longer taking names on a waiting list.

This year we are taking your name and email electronically so that we can reach out to everyone more efficiently than in previous years.

Not only does this save on paper (last year’s list was 48 pages long), using online registration will dramatically reduce how long you have to wait for a callback, since you can book your appointment when you’re ready. 

For the rare few who do not have access to email, stay tuned on our website as we’ll also be announcing the vaccine’s arrival here.

How To Register for Notifications Before the Vaccine Arrives

In order to get the ball rolling we’re looking to get as many people setup in our booking system prior to receiving our vaccine. To make things simple we have two methods to register. 

First Method

Register for our mailing list from anywhere on our website. The benefit of this approach is that you only need to enter your name and email address. To make the registration easy to find, we have both a pop-up sign-up form on the main page of our website, and in the footer at the bottom of every page.


Second Method

The most direct method is to register directly with our booking website:

The benefit of this approach is that if you received your COVID vaccine through us in the spring, you don’t need to do anything; we already have your details and will email you once reservations open up. If you are new to our booking platform, the process is simple and straight-forward.

To help us streamline the vaccination process, please fill out all fields for your account, especially your full name, date of birth and care card number as we use this information to confirm your file with our pharmacy software when preparing vaccine doses on the day of your appointment.

Step one. Go to

Step two. Create an account by entering your email or sign-in with a twitter, facebook or gmail account. You will receive a confirmation email.

Step three. After confirming your email, login to Jane and fill out your patient information.

booking site sign-up

How to Book a Vaccine Appointment

Once we receive our doses we’ll be sending out a new wave of emails and posts to social media to signal that bookings are opening up.

Since we are expecting a very busy flu season there is a chance that you will be presented with an empty calendar that shows no openings.

Empty Calendar

If presented with an empty calendar, please don’t call the pharmacy, we’ll open up more appointments as more doses become available. 

We’ll also be posting updates about availabilities to our websites and social media throughout the month so you know what to expect.

Take care and see you soon.