Safe fun in the sun on the Sunshine Coast!

Sun Awareness starts off our month, so as the ozone continues to affect our reaction to overexposure, consider the proper use of a good sunscreen.

Apply it liberally and often. Many mainstream brands play to our love of coconut or banana scents, but let’s protect our beaches by using only buy reef-safe options. Derma-E, Badger, and Canadian-made Green Beaver do not wreak such havoc on our friends in the sea. Maybe you could buy yourself a big floppy hat to keep your complexion looking youthful!

And did you know that we carry Vancouver’s Dr Rivers’ line of skin care products, Riversol? Many women on the Sunshine Coast are currently using these products and reporting that the results are amazing.

Emergency Preparedness:

So now’s the time to revisit your emergency kit and update some of your supplies. Ensure you have necessities such as anti-inflammatory tablets including Tylenol and Advil or their Atoma brand alternatives.

Also check your stock of antibiotic ointments along with assorted gauze, bandaids and tampons or pads; stress reducers such as Rescue Remedy (or a mickey of scotch); waterproof matches and candles; water purification tablets; silver emergency blankets, hand warmers, rain ponchos and a tarp; transistor radio; a whistle; a multipurpose tool or a pocket knife; freeze dried / dehydrated food, a bag of rice or dry beans.

Autoimmune Arthritis:

Try easing your aches and pains with natural options such as Curcumin Turmeric, Glucosamine Chondroitin, MSM, Kalaya Cannabis Spray or Purica Recovery 3.0.

Vision Health:

Lutein is a beneficial supplement that is included in many eye care formulations such as Preservision and Vitalux. Relief can also come in the form of drops.

Some drops simply lubricate the eye and relieve the scratchiness that comes from eye strain due to too much screen time or being over tired. Other drops are used to treat allergies, while others have hyaluronic acid which juices up all the cells and replenishes moisture.

We are grateful for your continued support in keeping you, our staff and our community safe. We wish the best of health to all of our neighbours and friends!

Chris Juozaitis and the dedicated Howe Sound Pharmacy Team
Caring Beyond Medications for 42 Years!
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