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PURICA is the coming together of ‘Pure’ and ‘Care’. From its inception, their name was meant to reflect the natural purity and quality of their products and the comprehensive care put into the formulations. The logo incorporates a modified triskelion, that invokes the mantra that inspires everything they do: Simply Beyond. It represents vibrance, right here, right now, in body, mind and beyond; and it symbolizes the three elements of wellness – ease, clarity and spontaneity. The predominant colour blue symbolizes the pure experience of boundlessness, commonly associated with well-being and fulfillment.

PURICA offers the finest whole foods, natural supplements and positive lifestyle solutions – Nature’s best offering for you skillfully formulated and solidly backed by science.

“Throughout the world, scientists, researchers, and physicians—both conventional and those who espouse more natural ways of healing—are recognizing that great health encompasses far more than how the physical body is functioning. In fact, research is showing us how every thought is capable of affecting gene expression, producing chemicals that are either good or bad for us and setting the stage for wellness or disease. It is the combination of a healthy body, mind and spirit that brings us truly alive. This is the philosophy that drives our company and is reflected in the PURICA Promise to you.”
– Jason Watkin, Co-Founder, Chair & CEO, PURICA

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